Windows 7 Home Premium

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With Windows 7 Home Premium, fewer walls stand between you and your success. You can run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode and recover data easily with automatic backups to your home or business network. You can also connect to company networks effortlessly and more securely with Domain Join. With all the exciting entertainment features of Windows Home Premium, it’s a great choice for home and for business. Need to use multiple languages on your PC or help protect your data with enhanced BitLocker security? Get Windows 7 Home Premium.

Windows 7 Home Premium Features

  • Make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation
  • Start programs faster and more easily, and quickly find the documents you use most often
  • Make your web experience faster, easier and safer than ever with Internet Explorer 8
  • Watch, pause, rewind, and record TV on your PC
  • Easily create a home network and connect your PCs to a printer with HomeGroup
  • Run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode
  • Connect to company networks easily and more securely with Domain Join
  • In addition to full-system Backup and Restore found in all editions, you can back up to a home or business network

Easiest Windows to use ever

  • Simplify your PC with new navigation features like Aero Shake, Jump Lists, and Snap.
  • Customize Windows to look and feel the way you like by changing themes and taskbar programs.
  • Setting up a home network and connecting to printers and devices is easier than ever.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium supports the latest hardware and software.

It’s faster

  • Designed to make your PC sleep and resume quicker.
  • Takes full advantage of 64-bit PC hardware and memory.
  • Connecting to wireless networks is fast and easy

Best PC entertainment experience

  • Watch, pause, rewind, and record TV with Windows Media Center.
  • Blu-ray read/write support for data files.
  • Includes integrated video and Dolby audio codecs.
  • Offers large screen support.

Simple to use

Manage lots of open programs, documents, and browser windows easily with thumbnail and full-screen previews of open windows.

Open files and get around your PC faster with the improved taskbar. You can easily pin programs you use often to the taskbar and launch them in just one click.

Jump Lists
Open files you use regularly in just two clicks with Jump Lists on the improved taskbar.

Windows 7 has simple new ways to manage open windows. For example, with Snap you can arrange two windows side-by-side just by dragging them to opposite sides of your screen.

Peek and Shake
Windows 7 lets you peek behind open windows to get a quick look at your desktop.

Windows Search
Instantly locate and open virtually any file on your PC, from documents to emails to songs, right from the Start menu, with Windows Search.

Wireless setup
With Windows 7, setting up wireless connections is easier with consistent, one-click connections to available networks, whether those networks are based on Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, dial-up, or corporate VPN.

Connect Windows 7 PCs on a home network in just four clicks and easily get to the photos, music, and files on each one–even share printers–with HomeGroup.

Easy to browse the web

Internet Explorer 8
Visual search helps you quickly find the information you want by adding visual cues and previews to search results from top search providers including Live Search, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon, and others.

Use Web slices to conveniently keep up with changes on frequently updated websites, like eBay auctions or traffic sites, directly from the IE8 toolbar.


Información adicional


Procesador de 1 gigahertz (GHz) o superior


1 gigabyte (GB) para 32-bit o 2 GB para 64-bit


16 GB para sistema de 32-bit o 20 GB para sistema de 64-bit


DirectX 9 o posterior con driver with WDDM 1.0

3 valoraciones en Windows 7 Home Premium

  1. Ainoa Vega

    Todo bien, lo recibí muy rápido

  2. Blanca

    Todo bien. Recibí el mensaje con la key y el manual de instalación enseguida. Ha funcionado todo sin ningun problema.

  3. Sergio Casal

    Me equivoqué y compre una windows que no era pero me lo cambiaron sin problema. Mi sistema vuelve a estar activado. 😀

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System requirements


Procesador de 1 gigahertz (GHz) o superior
1 gigabyte (GB) para 32-bit o 2 GB para 64-bit
Hard Drive
16 GB para sistema de 32-bit o 20 GB para sistema de 64-bit
DirectX 9 o posterior con driver with WDDM 1.0